Former Macedonia Mayor Who Allegedly Beat His Girlfriend Issued Arrest Warrant for Breaking No-Contact Order


  • Courtesy of NordoniaHills.News

Joseph Migliorini doesn't know when to quit.

The former mayor of Macedonia was arrested in Florida on charges of misdemeanor battery after people witnessed him verbally and physically abuse his girlfriend outside of a Florida restaurant back in April. In July, he resigned from office by posting an extremely pathetic apology video on YouTube after the arrest was made public.

Last night, reported that an arrest warrant was issued for Migliorini on charges of burglary and violating a temporary protection order against the Florida woman, both third-degree felonies. As of publication, he has not yet been arrested.

Streetsboro Police Chief Darin Powers told that officers were called at 11 p.m. on Monday where they spoke to a woman and the homeowner, a male.

The woman, later revealed as the woman Migliorini allegedly abused in Florida, told officers she was visiting a friend when Migliorini â€śwalked into the home uninvited and began yelling at her and calling her names and chased her onto a patio."

During the nearly three-minute 911 call, the woman stated, "He just walked into the house. We were downstairs playing pool and he just walked in." After the woman told Migliorini she was going to call the police, he left.

Migliorini admitted to grabbing his then-girlfriend by the hair and slapping her across the face during the Florida incident. As part of his sentencing, Migliorini was ordered by a Florida court to have no contact with the victim. His arrival at the Streetsboro home was in direct violation of that order.

The no-contact order was confirmed with the Palm Beach County, Florida with local authorities and charges were filed. Powers said Migliorini was contacted, advised of the warrant and urged to surrender. He has yet to do so.

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