Migrating Monarch Butterflies Invade Cleveland This Month, and Here's Where to See Them


  • Photo via Wikipedia
As they do every September, monarch butterflies are invading Northeast Ohio. Already the majestic orange and black creatures have been spotted in popular areas like Wendy Park on Whiskey Island and Wildwood Park near Euclid, but more should be on the way in weeks to come.

On a winter migration path from Canada to Mexico, Cleveland's shores are the perfect place for these insects to rest following a long flight over Lake Erie.

Weather is a huge factor in catching sight of the bugs, as rain causes them to hide among the foliage. Depending on the wind, monarchs can be seen in the hundreds and even thousands throughout Cleveland's green spaces. Each group of monarchs will stay up to a week, depending on conditions.

According to the National Weather Service, this weekend is supposed to be sunny with temps in the 80s, meaning it could be prime butterfly watching weather. Find out more about other prime butterfly-watching locales below.

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