Cuyahoga County's Issue 10 Passes in Landslide, Bringing LGBTQ+ Protections for County Employees


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  • Photo by Emanuel Wallace
In a landslide victory last night, Cuyahoga County voters passed Issue 10, an anti-discrimination charter amendment establishing protections for LGBTQ+ county employees.

The amendment arrives shortly after Cuyahoga County Council passed an ordinance establishing LGBTQ+ protections countywide. That ordinance was hotly protested — the infamous "parade of ignorant idiots" — but ultimately prevailed.

Tuesday's decisive charter amendment victory (312,010 yes votes to 102,140 no votes) made it clear that LGBTQ+ rights are an important issue for many area voters.

With the issue's passage, the county's personnel review commission and human resources department's responsibilities will now be properly delegated and discrimination against county employees based on gender identity will no longer be tolerated.

The county's other issues, 11 and 12, also passed last night. 


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