Is Tremont Being Taken Over By Blowup Christmas Characters? All Signs Point to Yes


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  • Photos by Laura Morrison
Drive through the mean streets of Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood, and you may be shocked to see your favorite Christmas characters in blowup form. 

First appearing last weekend on West 11th Street in honor of the A Christmas Story Foundation Run (see fun photos from that here), Ralphie is still standing in his super pink bunny pajamas, towering above movie-fan revelers, Rowley Inn patrons and all others who dare to pass by.

Meanwhile, the Tremont Taphouse on Scranton also got into the action, recently adding a huge, happily waving Santa Clause to its outside patio.  
Plenty of neighborhood residents are also adding festive blowup characters to their front lawns. We've seen other Santas and also snowmen.

Is Tremont slowly getting taken over by these air-filled monstrosities? All signs point to yes. 


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