Local Singer-Songwriter Bill Kraker to Play a Record Release Party Next Week at Christ Church Auditorium in Columbia Station


  • Courtesy of Bill Kraker
On family road trips to Russellville, Alabama, Ohio-based singer-songwriter Bill Kraker would sing old country blues tunes with his grandmother, uncles, and aunts. That led to an undying love of music, and Kraker, the son of a church organist/pianist, would go on to become a musician.

He's now played music with his brother Paul for over 30 years.

The brothers also play what they call “feel good music” at festivals, bars and concert halls. They’ve recorded with local acts such as singer-guitarist Joe Bell, singer-guitarist Stacie Collins and the Church Band.

A songwriter for Project D.R.E.W., a group that pairs veterans with songwriters to share the veteran’s story and gain healing through music, Kraker, who now lives in Hinckley, has just released Russellville, a new album that chronicles those family trips to the South.

He plays a CD release party on Friday, Jan. 18, at Christ Church Auditorium in Columbia Station, and performs again on Sunday, Feb. 24, at Barnegie Hall in Avon Lake.

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