Someone Start a Slow Clap for Tri-C's New "Triceratops" Logo


Folks, Tri-C did not disappoint.

Today the local community college unveiled the logo for its new mascot, the "Triceratops." It is indeed, as university communications folks have declared, a "stout and imposing," "formidable, yet likable" creature.

Students, faculty and alumni voted on the mascot last fall, selecting Triceratops over five other options: Jazz, Tridents, Blizzard, Coyotes and Challengers, the name Tri-C has been using for years.

Tri-C hired a design firm to produce the logo and released it this morning. We'd been cautiously optimistic — we loved the mascot's originality from the jump — but nervous that a Triceratops logo just might not be all that intimidating.

We now rest easy. Colored in Tri-C's trademark teal, the logo is not your standard cartoonish Barney. Take a look at that snarl! Those horns! Those lunging, muscular hindquarters! Bonus points for the generous black shading and the seashell styling of the dinosaur's trademark neck frill.   

The Trikes should be proud to charge into competition with this unique logo on their chests or sleeves. "Triceratops" not only meshes well with the school's name, but also symbolizes the toughness and resolve of the Tri-C community.

Scene is very much on board with this development.

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