Theatrical Glam Rockers Queen of Hell to Play a Release Party on Saturday at the Grog Shop


  • Courtesy of Adam Spektor
The local theatrical glam band Queen of Hell formed six years ago as part of the 2013 Lottery League. Guitarist Mortician Treehorne (Kill the Hippies), bassist Dead Stephens (Ringworm), drummer Maximillian Hellhound (Bwak Dwagon) and guitarist Spectre (the Insurance Salesmen) came together to perform at the festival, and the guys have been going strong ever since. Since then, bassist Dr. Michael Frankenklein (Breaker) has joined the group.

The group released its debut EP on the My Mind’s Eye label in 2016. Following the addition of bassist Grave Mjolnir (New Planet Trampoline), the band underwent “a brief crisis of identity” that resulted in it reconvening as the alter ego project Heavenly Queen.

But the band has again christened itself Queen for Hell for its second record, Queen of Hell II, out soon on Phoenician Microsystems.

The band has just released the heavy-hitting first single, “The Witch,” and the group plays a release party with Eye, Bloody Show and Album at 9 p.m. on Saturday at the Grog Shop.

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