Cleveland's Red Devil Ryders to Play a Release Party Next Week at Maple Lanes


  • David McCluskie
Two years ago, the guys in the local rock band Fascinating blew out a tire when they were on their way to a gig in Houston. While the group was stuck in Crowley, a desolate part of Louisiana, bassist Carter Luckfield began thinking about songs for a solo album. Quality Time Records would issue the album, appropriately dubbed Crowley 666, that year. 

When it came time to bring these songs to the stage, Luckfield recruited bandmates and road mates Adam Spektor and Marty Brass to form Red Devil Ryders. The guys have recently cut a full-length record with local engineer Paul Maccarrone, and the self-titled debut features a collection of punk/honky tonk songs about “life on the road.”

The band celebrates the cassette release of the album with a show on Saturday, Feb. 16, at Maple Lanes. The Missed and Bogus Genius will open.

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