County Will Close Euclid Jail Facility After State Finds It Routinely Exceeded Inmate Capacity for Years


  • Euclid Jail/Google Maps

The State of Ohio routinely found that the Cuyahoga County satellite Euclid jail exceeded the number of allowable inmates (32) over the past four years, at times nearly tripling capacity.

The State of Ohio also alerted outgoing Sheriff Cliff Pinkney multiple times.

And yet, the County says it was unaware and that dating back to 2015, it understood the capacity to be 83 inmates. This, apparently, because they put bunk beds into units that should have had single beds.

And now, three months into a new lease, in its fourth year, the County will close the Euclid jail, it told local officials earlier this week, reported today. As for why it decided to close the jail instead of simply operating it at the 32-inmate capacity, a spokesperson told the outlet that it needs to transfer corrections officers from Euclid to the undermanned and in constant-shit-show-status County Jail downtown.

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