Swensons Celebrates 85th Anniversary This Week Giving Away Gift Coins At All Locations


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Swensons Drive-In Restaurant has officially been slinging Galley Boy burgers in Akron for 85 years. In celebration of the milestone anniversary, the eatery is handing out free Swensons money (in the form of their golden dollar gift coins) at all 12 of its locations throughout Ohio this week.

Running through Sunday, Aug. 11, the 85th carload of people to visit and order at any of the burger stands each day receives $10 worth of gift coins for a future purchase.

Back in 1934, Wesley T. Swenson started LeBron James' favorite burgers to great success in Akron's Wallhaven neighborhood. From there, the restaurant expanded to multiple Akron locations, and recently has added franchises in the Cleveland and Columbus areas.

And Swensons Drive-In just continues its takeover of the Cleveland area, announcing plans for its 13th location in Brooklyn earlier this summer.

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