Graeter's Misspells 'Blueberry' on Pint Packages, Donates Funds to The Cure Starts Now Instead of Reprinting


  • Via Graeter's

In a story that would warm even the most hawkish copy editor's black, black heart and red, red pen, Graeter's Ice Cream has decided to forgo reprinting a misspelling on the pint packaging of their most recent batch of seasonal Elena's Blueberry Pie and instead donate those dollars to the foundation tied to the ice cream's flavor: The Cure Starts Now.

The word "blueberry" is spelled incorrectly on the pint, but Graeter's said they would rather give the money they would spend on reprinting to the nonprofit instead of fixing the mistake.

And we would definitely still eat bluberry pie ice cream.

Graeter's Elena's Blueberry Pie flavor was created in 2008 when the ice cream company auctioned off a chance to create your own flavor in support of The Cure Starts Now. The winners worked to craft a flavor to honor Elena Desserich, whose death from a rare form of pediatric brain cancer inspired the creation of the childhood cancer nonprofit. According to Graeter's, "Elena's Blueberry Pie honors the memories of all young lives affected by pediatric cancer and supports The Cure Starts Now's mission to find the Homerun Cure for all cancers."

Elena's Blueberry Pie pints are available in your grocer's freezer and in scoop shops. A portion of pint proceeds benefits the nonprofit.

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