Local Horror Film to Screen at Two Upcoming Festivals


  • Courtesy of Distillation Studios
The locally based production company Fly-By-Wire Films has teamed up with Cleveland’s Distillation Studios to release its newest short film, From Darkness Returned. Produced for the 48 Hour Film Horror Project, the film has been selected to screen at two upcoming local film festivals, the Fun Mill Film Festival that takes place on Feb. 16 at Atlas Cinema Lakeshore in Euclid and the Short. Sweet. Film Festival. that takes place from Feb. 28 to March 1 at the Alex Theatre at the 9 (From Darkness Returned will screen at 7 p.m. on Feb. 28 during the Local Filmmakers Program).

A “chilling tale of a religious cult performing ritual sacrifice in order to bring demons in-to this world,” the film won Best Use of the Line and was nominated for Best Writing at last year's 48 Hour Film Horror Project.

Director Rémy Gareau (Nessie’s Wild Ride) and producer Kara Mann (You Can Run) worked together to deliver “a fast-paced, visually stunning and uniquely original horror film that fits somewhere between Rosemary’s Baby and Hostel.” Cinematographer Bryan Robinson’s (Secret Ingredient) provided the “breathtaking visuals” and musician and composer Jacob Kirkwood (ITEM) did the score.

“This was our final 48 Hour Film Project. Murphy's law was definitely in effect
that weekend, and this was without a doubt our most difficult project to date," says Gareau in a statement. "But, once again, our amazing crew and this incredibly talented cast overcame everything, and we ended up with
something really cool that we’re all proud of. It even went on to get nominated for some awards.”

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